Ministers Letter

Postal Church

No. 7

Broadstone &

Blandford URC

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Welcome to issue number 7, it’s going to be a baarilliant edition! In a very churchy way we become quite comfortable with ancient images and seem able to understand them and in fact take great comfort from them. The image of a shepherd is a strong biblical image, important in the Old Testament, used by Jesus to speak of himself and then used again as the leaders of the new church sought to guide their flock!

Sheep management (it must be called something like that surely?) seems quite different these days; quad bikes and metal fencing, so I wonder if it’s an image Jesus would have used? Is there anything in the modern world that compares? Something that is as common as Tesco, as caring as our NHS staff and as influential as YouTube? -


A Tudor Garden

Margaret & Jim’s Lilac and Clematis in full blossom

in the bible, the focus of their life together, the way they were so dependant on each other and on God and gave to everyone in need. God’s church had a growing reputation and a growing membership!

Central to that growth was their complete focus on Christ, their Shepherd, following his every move as they were guided by his Spirit and listened for his voice.

In John, Jesus himself makes clear how key it is to be close to him and know his voice; He is the Shepherd and more than that, the very gate into His kingdom. Life is found in him in all its abundance.

Written well before Jesus time, Psalm 23 is the most beautiful reminder of life with God. Lacking nothing, knowing refreshing and peace in the face of the worst of times.

Lastly, 1 Peter powerfully reminds us of all that Jesus went through to seek and find

his sheep that had gone astray. We are now forever returned to our Shepherd and Overseer of our souls.

On-Line Worship

This weeks is our first service in May, so our online worship is a communion service:


This Sunday’s readings:

  • Acts 2.42-47

  • Psalm 23

  • 1 Peter 2.19-25

  • John 10.1-10


In Acts this week we read one of the most short and powerful summaries of church life found


Music Group

To go with today's readings of Psalm 23 and John 10:1-10, here is a link to "The Lord is my Shepherd" by John Rutter, sung by The Cambridge Singers, conducted by the composer himself: v=8f_0NgsWzfA.

Family News

Rita Smith’s funeral was held in the Barn at Harbour View on

Thursday. 16 family members gathered to share in the service and it was a really good occasion all things considered! 5 of Rita’s family shared their memories of a fantastic Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma! Memories included getting Led Zeppelin tickets for her Son, not only owning a mobile phone but fluently speaking text (lol, c u l8r) and being very good at doing lunch - which even extended into pamper sessions with hot pink nails!

Prayer Pointers

This week please pray for anyone involved in a funeral:

- those taking the service or attending.

- funeral directors, who are helping people in very difficult times whilst ensuring everyones safety as they gather

- all those unable to attend, or who are watching from a distance on a computer screen

Minute for Mission

Now is the time to remember that the coronavirus outbreak threatens not only to jeopardise the health of a region, but of the world. There can scarcely be any country which will not struggle to cope with any costs of healthcare, the costs of its residents being unable to earn a living while ill or quarantined, and the costs of rebuilding lives afterwards. Christian Aid will use the lessons learned

from the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus. The aim is to prioritise the poorest and most marginalised groups and to work to prevent the spread of the virus by developing health facilities in camps and providing hygiene items and sanitation improvements.

Such testing times make us realise that we are all in this together wherever we are in the world. Coronavirus impacts all


Margaret, Paul & Jim’s

Quick Quiz!

A new weekly item for Postal Church! This weeks theme: ‘M’
1. Mother of Jesus

2. A river is said to do this when its course moves from side to side as it flows across its floodplain or within a valley.

3. Led the Israelites out of Egypt.

4. A site of ancient civilisations between Rivers Tigris and Euphrates.

5. A place in Dorset built by the lord of the manor to replace the original village which spoilt his view.

6. Christian service of morning prayer, especially in the Anglican Church.

7. German composer who wrote Fingal’s Cave Overture

8. Large church originally connected to a monastery

of us, but love unites us all. Collecting for Christian Aid is more difficult this year but you will have the opportunity to make your donation when we next meet. Just pop it in an envelope, mark it “Christian Aid” and hand it in then. If you can Gift Aid it then please add your GA number.


Happy Birthday Rebekah Hall!
Rebekah and Michelle have
been hard at work crafting a
piñata to smash up on the big
day! This weeks photo from my

garden is a Blue Tit tucking into our peanuts.

Martin Casey

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Christmas Hope

This is my poinsettia which has been on my kitchen windowsill since 3 weeks before Christmas, is this a record??

Having said that I always manage to keep them until this time of year when I will put it outside and it will last through the summer.

Jean Vincent


Birds of Broadstone


Grafitti Art by Rebekah Hall