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Blandford newsletter.



The very eagle eyed among you may have spotted a few changes to our building have been taking place! I think perhaps the best place to start today is in thanking everyone that has helped clear things up and clear things out! It may not have seemed possible that the store room might one day be empty, but it is!


The transformation has taken place to help with the new project of the Foodbank. They’ll be opening a low cost larder alongside the Foodbank. This means the need for more storage and more office space for more staff!  It’ll take a while before it’s done, but we will all benefit from the work enjoying a redecorated hall, a new kitchen (if a little smaller!) and some new toilets. Great stuff.


That’s not the only change on the horizon though. I spoke recently at church about living water.  Jesus meets a woman at Jacob’s well in John 4 and asks her for a drink. A powerful reminder that Jesus broke boundaries, speaking with someone he shouldn’t and bringing her water that she would never find in a well. That could have just been a conversation about the heat and how thirsty they both were, but Jesus had something much more important to share.


All kinds of needs are being met from within Blandford URC. The new Shop project is to be called Nourish, a name that I love. I think it gives enough of a nod to a depth in life that goes beyond food and drink. We all need the nourishment of God, water and food that sustains us beyond our physical needs.


It’s this sense of that broader need in our community that I pray we might be more and more involved in helping out with as a church. To make a few steps in a new direction we’re going to try meeting every week on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm. We’ll start doing that from the 14th May and see where we go.


The new weekly meetings will involve traditional worship as we know it now, but it’ll also include times more focused on prayer and other times to discuss issues and themes that interest us, be they from the news, our lives or inspired from the Bible. Watch this space for more detail!


Before that we will gather together at Easter in our current morning slot. All the worship details for the next few months are inside too.


All in all its a pretty exciting time for a little church being used in a big way!


Happy Easter



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