Ministers Letter

Are we there yet?

The family and I have just returned from a weeks holiday. It was a superb break, but it was more of a tour of the North than a conventional holiday. We took in Yorkshire, Leeds and Manchester. There was a time when we would all bundle in the car to do this kind of trip, but the power of that phrase “are we there yet” to get deep into your soul and make you drive your car straight to the breakers yard is very strong! In the end, I went a day early and met everyone up north (they took the train) and we had to break the journey with a stop in Warwick on the way back!

The best part of the journey is when you can say, “oh we’re only 10mins away, you should know where you are!” The sense of relief and joy in the car is immense.

That’s a long way round to saying that we are nearly there with the building work at Church! You’ve all been very well behaved all the way, so the journey has been a lot easier! Peter Clark should be finishing some time this week (by the end of Feb), and the decorators should then move it to make everything look brand new!

As we begin to see an end in sight to the building work, I think it worth reminding ourselves of the two verses we explored at church the other week: Isaiah 58.6-9 and 1 Corinthians 2.4-5 & 12. Please do go and look them up. Pray about them. They remind us of some really core values of what it is to be church.

Isaiah reminds us of the practical care and fight for justice which is at the heart of Worship.

1 Corinthians tells us that we shouldn’t rest on our own understanding of how things all work, but instead have our faith rest on God’s power. Through his Spirit everyone can start to understand all that God freely gives.

I long for this church to be a centre for practical care, justice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer.

So we are nearly there, but only in phase one! Let’s prepare ourselves to be a travelling people.


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