Ministers Letter


When I was a teenager I spent a fairly intense period of time learning to juggle. First the two ball shuffle; throwing one from left to right and the next from right to left before catching the first and then the second. I mastered that reasonably easily, but the challenge comes when putting in the third and keeping the whole thing moving!  I have never progressed to 4 balls as the technique (as I understand it) is quite different again, more like juggling two balls in each hand but at the same time!


As we approach Christmas I confess it is very challenging to think about the new year before the old one has finished and as I write this I am reminded of some balls that have been dropped over the year. I was quite sure that we could have pulled together a church vision over the year and that we’d be clear about it by the end. With all the other things that have been happening, that’s just not been possible.


That said I am quite inspired by our big round church window and I think it speaks to what’s happening at church at the moment in terms of developing partnerships and closer working with other churches. I drew up a simpler and rather more colourful version as I was thinking. This one church is made up of and supported by much more than its Sunday Worship, though that, and other activities of prayer and study which I’d love to see grow, must remain central. The picture as a whole is made up of all kinds of groups and activities that become each petal and working together form the whole.


I also believe that all the groups share a common sense of aiming towards people’s wellbeing and quality of life, from the extremes of providing the very basic necessities to refugees, to improving art skills or playing snooker, I think it’s all pushing in a similar direction. There is a lot to talk and pray over, but it’s all worth your consideration.


The year has also seen great success too! Reach started using our building and are constantly looking for more space to work with and the developments of our building for Foodbank+ were finally approved and hard work is being done to get things started early in 2020.


2020 will also see monthly worship with our friends at the Methodist church. I definitely see this as a positive step. We have a great deal in common and I believe that we can achieve more together, so to worship and share fellowship consistently in 2020 will be superb - I wish I could share in it with you!


As we journey into this new year together I pray we do so not worrying about our ability to juggle the many element of life, but instead celebrating opportunities for new and renewed fellowship, and a strengthened relationship with the one who carries us all.


happy New Year!



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