Ministers Letter


We’re a little way out from Christmas, but at such a distance it’s quite interesting to consider the lives of those involved.


Mary would have been 7 months pregnant. I’m quite sure she was doing her best to prepare for what was coming, but it must have been nearly impossible. Journeys to make, officials to go and see, and then what? What do you do when trying to raise the Son of God?


I hope Joseph was responding by being as supportive as possible, but I imagine this whole thing would still have seemed like absolute madness!


The Shepherds would be blissfully unaware of all that was about to happen in their lives. Getting on with their jobs and dealing with being the bottom of the pile in terms of social hierarchy.


The wisemen may well already be on the road? not much is really known, except that they arrived at the party a lot later than everyone else.


Where are we with our lives and our discipleship? Are we thoroughly engaged with what God has called us to do? Seeing things growing in our lives and just waiting (with perhaps a little frustration) for the fruit to come?


Are we in a place of agreement with what God is leading us into, but quite frankly petrified and not really convinced God’s plans are sound?


Have we managed to stay a little unaware, just ticking a long, dealing with the challenges that come our way? How are we going to react when God does something big in our midst and invites us to really come and see?


Or are we navigating as best we can the path God seems to be lighting up for us?


There are so many ways to the cradle. So many ways to try and respond to the gift of God’s love and his invitation to each of us to be a part of this great story.


The real challenge for us through November and December, is not to get lost on paths that really don’t lead us anywhere near God’s plans for us. Let’s be cautious of that path of over spending, a little sensible about what we consume and generally more aware of taking time to stop and listen for the coming of Christ amongst us.


Have a blessed journey through advent and on to 2020!



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