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  •                   Blandford URC Postal Church

  •                                             Sunday, 29 March 2020 Welcome

 Welcome to Postal Church! I hope to be able to produce something each week to guide us to readings we would normally hear on Sunday’s, pointers to pray about and other news that can be shared. Please get in touch if you’ve got anything to share. I’ve also been asked about whether I will record some kind of video message. I’m tempted to use this to lead a short act of communion that you could follow in your own time - so let me know if this would be helpful. My own personal challenge is trying to keep a sense of routine. My day used to start with an early dog walk, but that’s now curtailed and it’s had an unexpected effect on my motivation through the rest of the day. I’m going to experiment a little next week with combinations of exercise and devotional time, so we’ll see how it goes!

This Weeks Readings

 This weeks readings are: John 11.1-15, Ezekiel 37.1-14, Psalm 130 & Romans 8.6-11.

I really encourage you to sit and read them before you read what I’ve written next. Read them a few times carefully, perhaps out loud. What stands out to you? Are there themes that link the readings together? What do the readings tell us about God? Sit and read and wait on God. May you soar on wings like eagles! (Isaiah 40.31) These readings are all full of hope; they all speak of God’s reign in our lives, but also well beyond our limited knowledge and imagination. In Ezekiel God gives a picture of Israel as a valley of dry bones, a nation that has given up hope, yet through God’s power they are raised. An image of a nation returned to life and hope by the breath of God. Romans and John give a similar picture of the resurrection power of God’s Spirit. We are encouraged to live and move in step with the Holy Spirit. It is clear that to return to his friends in Bethany will be full of danger for Jesus, but following the Spirit, he times it just right. The Psalms are full of emotion, as the writers open their hearts before God. Psalm 130 leads us to do just that, cry out to God. It offers us encouragement to come to God, aware of all that is happening in our lives and the world around and to wait on God. To come to know the vastness of God, his unfailing love and redemption. Whether you're feeling like a pile of dry bones, or filled with emotions you're struggling to get control of as day to day patterns change, we are all held in the power of God and if we take steps to walk in his Spirit, new and unimaginable possibilities can emerge.

                                                          Prayer Pointers

Please take time to pray for: - The NHS and all who work, and volunteer to care and heal. - Family life under stress - Those fearful about future employment or loss of earnings Call to Prayer On Sunday Churches Together issued a call to prayer, asking everyone to light a candle at 7pm and pray for the world. Here’s ours shining out to our neighbours On-Line Worship Full services available from the URC's Daily Devotions website each Sunday, with links to churches that are streaming services.

What Are You Up to?

Michelle is doing excellent work with the girls at home school and Raphy (our Dalmatian) is adjusting to his one walk a day. What are you finding to engage yourself with? Get in Touch Andy: 01202 698638 or

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